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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Siyar Singhi

Siyar" (Jackal) does not have horns. But same of the siyar have a small bunch of hair with horn emerges from its forehead when it hoots facing downwards. This is called "Siyar Singhi". If "Siyar Singhi" is kept in the house, it is said to ward off evil spirits, bestow good luck and wealth, help overcome enemies, and achieve success in law suits. It is always kept in vermillion (Sindoor) in a silver box in the pooja room. Its hair grows automatically.If one keeps a Siyar Singhi in the house, one is blessed with wealth, one remains fearless of beasts, Ghosts and it provides protection, from enemies and evil spirits and gives success in law suits. Siyar Singhi shall be kept in vermillon and in silver box . You can find genuine siyar singhi at site 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi sai baba ,what to say about Him ,He is the LIVE God ,Just pray him and say anything you will sure get the reply ,He come in your dream or you will see him anywhere always ready for your help if you have faith in him ,Many people describe his powerful persona and disuss about is mysterious work he have done .He can protect you wherever you are .Just remember him with good faith for a while and you will see He is all yours . He have done many miracle thing with his power and sidhis .

Their is his temple in shirdi som 300 km approx form Mumbai by road ,those who are reading this must visit once in his temple and see the change in his or her life .

He is the lord ,He is the God and he is the one who you are looking for .

You can contact me if you have any quiry about him at my email, you can also heck website

Monday, February 1, 2010


BAglamukhi , who is the most powerful gooddess in dusmahavidya and called the terror to the enemies , In this present age it is called that Goddess baglumukhi can fulfill all the desires , It also called Pitambara Vidya , give protection from all enemies and defeat them ,She give victory in all types of legal matters , court cases and clear all the bad influence of planet MARS and clear away the debts . She clears all types of tantra mantra and any sort of black magic effects She Give total protection from all evil planet and evil power in this world. It good if this sadhna is done in guidance of spiritual GURU.
IN Her sadhna all clothes , seat , flowers , garland should be yellow , for counting the mantra use yellow turmeiric . You can also check site for more details .

Baglamukhi mantra:-

Om hleem baglamukhi sarvadushtanam vacham mukham padam stambhaya jeevam keelay budhim vinashay hleem om namah swaha.


Lord Hanuman the most powerful and popular god in this present age ,give result quickly .He got all the sidhis of this universe .

Reciting his mantra give amazing result , very useful to remove any type of black magic.

Hanuman Mantra:-

Aum Hanumante Namah

Hanuman mantra for to remove black magic :-

Om namo hanumante rudraavtaraya per yantra mantra tantra tratak nashkaya sarva badha chedkaya sarva vyadhi nikrintkaya sarva bhaya prashmanaya sarva dusth mukh stambhanaya sarva karya
sidhi pradayaei ramdootayaei swaha

Check website for hanuman kavach 

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha , a God with the head of elephant and most of the indians worshipped him for to attains sidhis and ridhi .

He is the son of Goddess parvati and worshipped first in all hindu rituals.

According to hindu mythology He the FOrm of OMKARESHWAR ,the supreme power.

HE is mostly worshipped with Gooddess LAxmi in every hindu family and on biigest festival of hindu Deepawali.

Every students should worshipped Him for to boost their memory and intellegency

Ganesh Mantra

1)Aum gam ganapataye namah"
2) "Vakratunda Mahaakaaya Suryakotee Sama Prabha
Nirvighnam kuru mey Deva, Sarva kaaryeshu Sarvadaa"
3) Aum shri ganeshaya namah
4) Aum vakratundaya hum

Check website   for ganesh kavach and anusthan


Durga also called the Mahashakti and adishakti. She is the forms of Goddess parvati ,the wife of Lord Shiva. She is also called mother of whole universe . All tridev ,brahma, vishnu and lord shiva have give her their power to kill the demon Mahisasura according to Hindu Mythology ,
So her power is unlimited .
She ride on lion with eight hands with all weapons to destroy evil power.

So by worshipping her one can free from all types of negative energy and attains moksha at the ends . The person get prosperity and wealth and get all what he or she desires with name and fame .

By reciting Durga Mantra for to attain all types of sidhi and prosperity.

Durga MAntra

"Aum aim Hrim Klim chamundayei Vichee "